Éditions Verdigris

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The suite of nine mezzotints by Judith Rothchild has been published in two forms. Numbers 1/20 to 20/20 are presented on loose sheets and boxed. The mezzotints, numbered and initialled, have been printed by the artist on Hahnemülhe paper. The letterpress has been composed and printed by Mark Lintott who also created the boxes.

The Venetian marbled papers are by Massimo Doretto.
Numbers I/IX to IX/IX have been printed in the form of a leporello with hard covers. They are presented boxed with one of the original copper plates.
All the loose prints and leporellos are numbered and signed by the artist. Format regular edition 14 ½ x 10¼ cm, deluxe leporello 8¼ x 6 in.

Verdigris 2014