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We have numerous presses and are equipped for printing etchings, linocuts, letterpress, lithography, as well as screen-printing.

For letterpress, we have about 200 cases of lead type, and a good selection of vignettes, ornaments and wood type. We have as well other equipment such as drying racks, vacuum table and a hand Sláma ball-bearing press for relief printing.

Our equipment

Albion iron hand press of 1867, platen 28 x 40,5 cm

Wood type

Stanhope, 19 century iron hand press. Platen 63 x 86 cm

Detail of Stanhope press

American French Tool Company intaglio press. Bed 154 x 92 cm

D & J Greig lithography press. Bed 60 x 90 cm

Adana 8x5 format 20 x 12,5 cm.

Type cases

Vandercook N° 4, 1941, platen 37 x 45 cm.

Composing stick

Jud P.E.1 proofing press, format 32 x 38 cm.